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Another Background.

I made another background for my LiveJournal yesterday. I like this one better, the pictures aren't dark like the one before was. I really like the white ball thing at the bottom. My site has a new URL, and it only has a pop up on the index page, but it's not a big deal. The new url is www.dream-cloud.tk It's the same thing as my old one, but I think if you go to my old one you will be redirected to my new url. Hmm.. I have no one to talk to. I'm so bored. I love this new background ^_^ Oh there's mars, i should talk to her since I have no one else to!! @_@
This background making thing is kinda fun lol. I made the background using mspaint for setting the pictures then I used psp7. I wrote a letter to my friend Joanna, it's really lame, but I bet she'll have fun reading it ^_~
Hmm.. I'm talking to Ravey here and she was talking to some guy she liked. Hey Arnold is on, that cartoon is so gay. :: sigh :: Im so bored, I didn't get a chance to talk to mars because I didn't IM her and she just signed off.. I wanna talk to Cloud and Alfaplus.. -.-
My sn is Rinko Tsujimura.. Please IM me someone.. I'm going into chats, that's it!! :: leaves now ::
Buh Byez~~
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