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New Colors

I got new colors on my LiveJournal. I first put them on my Blurty, a different WebJournal server that's the same as LiveJournal. My username is DragonMoon. I like that username. lol. Anyway, My friend marshmallowpie said that it wasn't working for her so I don't know what the problem is, I might still write in it a couple of times. If You want to visit, Click and you will go. I'm trying to get the Links to blur, Maybe Vegetaseiya can help me. Umm.. Cassie's not on right now lol, and I'm so bored. I need to download more music. I hope I get some faster internet connection sometime near in the future. This 56k really sucks ass. I'm almost done with my <3Goten<3 layout. All i need to do is type a little more on my main page and make an index with a splash image. I love how the layout looks lol. It's nice I enjoyed making it. I haven't typed in my journal lately lol. Oh yeah, They made us change seats in my science class so I no longer sit with the funny black people T_T I sit next to this teen mother, and to the other side of me sits this silent girl who never talks, and it's really boring!!!!! I HATE MY SCIENCE CLASS NOW! I got 3 A's and 3 B's on my report card. I wanted 4 A's.. I hate P.E. This morning they made us run around the baseball field for the whole period. I ran about 7 times around the damn field. Before they made us run, they made us do 20 push ups.. UGH ><
Oh well, school sucks and I hate it. We went to the library today and checked out some books. I checked out three which I don't think I'm gonna read lol, Maybe I don't know. I'm so bored, I'm gonna go work on my layout. Buh Byez~
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