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I'm Awake!

This morning, for some reason which I don't know, I was watching power rangers.. The first season ones roflmao! Haha. I was like wow, these people are pathetic. ^^;; Then as it was like half way through the episode I was like, Damn Kimberly can kick ass! And the ranger guys were hot roflmao!
Anyway, I'm reading people I don't know's Journals. I'm bored and there's no one on AIM to talk to.
Cassie I have great news about something you might not care about, but oh well! You'll get to know when I talk to you on Tuesday or Whenever you come on. It's something I'm really happy about!! ^____^ Heheh
Lol. I should download more music. I was watching America's Funniest Home videos yesterday in the night. It was hilarious. This one little kid and his sister where like playing karate, and then the boy is all going to the camera, You want a piece of me?! And the little girl thought he said "meat" and then she was like, You want a piece of him?? I'll give you a piece of ham! Roflmao. It was hilarious. I kept on laughing and my dad was getting mad. People in america are so clumsy. lol.. My brother also told me that that one dude who plays Paul in The Wonder Years is Marilyn Manson, And I was like, "NAH AH!!" And I started cracking up and I was shocked. Then we looked for him on the internet and it said that it was just a rumor. But that would of been freaky if it was true wouldn't it? I loved the wonder years!! Kevin Arnold roflmao And that one girl named Winnie Or some shit like that. Who the hell would name someone Winnie? It's like Winnie the Pooh.. @_@ People in america are also strange! Like Me! ^^
I'm on AIM. Someone please surprize me with an IM.. My sn is "Quinnith San". Hmm... I might go back to the Square-Net forums later and check out any of the new people. Maybe I'll look at their p-files and IM them or something. I need someone to talk to and say stupid stuff too so that we can laugh. I should go look at random people's LJ's by just typing in stuff on http://www.livejournal.com/~ thing Yeah.. I should go to that and SOMEONE IM ME!
Ok lol that is all I guess. ^_^
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*lmao* I used to watch the first season of P.R. when it first came out. I'd watch it before school b/c there was nothing else on, and I was like, the monsters on this show are so lame! ;D
And about the Wonder Years, I watched it every once in awhile and I always thought the same thing about Winnie. I never liked her b/c she had such a stupid name, hehe. I was like, she's ripping off Winnie the Pooh! :9
ROFLMAO! Yeah the monsters are lame like those puddie things whatever the hell they are, and that Rita chick was so lame when she throws her stick at the earth, it's like why the hell is she doing that for?! No one's gonna go get it for her. Anyway, Yeah Winnie is a weird name. ^^;
Gee Power Rangers....I was a kid when I saw that....Long time....