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Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm gonna make this short since I really don't want to type for some reason..
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!
Oh hell, Whatever... Here went my day
My leg started hurting today after 3rd Period for some reason I don't know Why. I got a 50/50 on my binder check in avid! w00t! ^_^ Hmm.. This morning in P.E. I played the worst game of volleyball ever! No one was playing good and it just plained suck. It was the suckiest game i'd ever been in. Ugh. Stupid people, there's a damn beginner's court!! >_<
I got to talk to eveangel100 today! She is very cool. I had to leave shortly though, and now I'm back on hoping someone good is on to talk to and my valentine deussano is on! ^^ It stopped raining! Yay! lol. It was a nice sunny day today and it had rained for the last two days and I had gotten water in my shoes. @_@ My shoes where wet this morning in the inside and my socks got a little wet, but now they're dry and i have them on. My dog is tied up in the front on my tree. He's like shivering and stuff.. I dunno. Is he cold or scared?! That's something I can't answer because I wouldn't know! We were playing with the frizbee a while ago. lol. I don't know if I spelt that right but I don't want to push spell check because I'm feeling that lazy. I didn't even want to type this post. I made a new website layout which will be up shortly and I will change back to my regular URL. For now please click the link on my previous post. I'm tired of pika. I'm still gonna use the sn though. If you want to give me an IM go ahead and IM Quinnith San. That's the sn im using. Ok, I hope all of you had a great day and I'll close my post with that!
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