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My new website layout is up!

My new website layout is up but I had to change my URL. As soon as I get tired of the layout I'm going back to my old one. If you would like to visit my new site go to http://pikadreamcloud.sinfree.net It has pikachu. I want to make a real neat layout with many colors. Hmm.. I'm bored. I'm on msn if any of you want to talk to mee!! Or IM me on AIM. Class is so lame. I think I'm doing good. I've turned in most of my work. Which reminds me, I have to do a bit more research on the columbia. This essay was due monday but the teacher gave us a chance and is letting us turn it in on Friday. I've done all my work in my w. geo class. We're doing central american country reports and the state I got was Argentina. Yay for me. I'm eating Cheetos.. roflmao. They are good.. I'm so bored. I need to make new friends to talk to or find new amusing websites. Do any of u know any good websites with fun stuff to do? Oh well. I'm still hungry. I'm talking to Vegeta. He's saying I'm too nice. Lol. Okay.. >_> <_< The pound wants to take my dog. He goes into the street a lot and some of the neighbors are whining.. Damn them. I still want to keep my dog. I've had him since he was a puppy. I dunno.. We might not let the pound take them. The pound people came today and tried to take him. That's what my mom said. She said that they didn't take him because my dog wouldn't let himself be taken away.. @_@; Hmm... x.x; Like my new name? roflmao. It's Nerd Panda Plushie Girly! I dun know why it is that, I just wanted to change it and that came to mind. I'm gonna go read Cassie's LiveJournal Posts now. Lates!! Oh yeah, Today I had to walk home in the rain and my shoes are all wet! and so were my pants, but my shoes are wet!! LOL! ^_^;
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