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I'm So Boreed!!

There's nothing to do today but wait for people to get online. My trillian is like messing up and stuff.. The msn messenger on there keeps signing on and off. I was at the Ayumi Hamasaki site a while ago. I was looking at the lyrics and I managed to put some of them to my profile on AIM. My new website layout is up but the server went down after I uploaded it. I didn't get a chance to view the Chromeless Popup but I saw the index page of it. That's so lame.. I have nothing to do. I think I'm gonna go download music or look at people I don't know LiveJournals. I'm so bored.. x_x Oops! I forgot to add Cassie's new AIM sn to my bl. I better do that because she might be on or something @_@;
That's pretty much it. I also made some new link icons for my site! ^_^
Stupid Trillian.. Arrgghh... ><
Oh yeah, I also fixed Quel's LiveJournal! Now it looks all neat! ^^
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Hiyas! Sowee, I was on my computer at that time too, but I was offline cuz I was doing h/w. :X Oh! I am so dumb, I never did add you to my MSN messenger list, so I just did that. *hehe* And I am procrastinating on studying for my math test tomorrow, so I dl'ed the song you said you were listening to on Kazaa, hehe. It's pretty, the girl kinda reminds me of Utada Hikaru. Okies, bai cutie!