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My Computer Sucks @_@

Ugh.. I'm tired of my computer.. Everyday this week so far I have had to restart it because many programs hadn't been responding. Heehee, I got those buttons up on my site, I think I already said that. I made a Goten icon and I also claimed him @ anime_claims. I'm drinking vanilla coke! lol.. Yeah. I made a new friend!! it's eveangel100.
Did u guys watch american idol last night? Ugh, I can't believe Kimberly lost!! She was the bestest one up there!!
Now to school. We started playing volleyball. Yep. i got a new schedule but none of my classes changed. We had subs in AVID. It was really lame. My teacher came back today, it was still lame. I got a new seat in my science class. I sit next to black people. They are so hilarious i love that class lol. I'm always laughing now. Haha, they're always fighting with each other and it's funny. I need to go update my site or something.. That's pretty much it. @_@
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