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Ew! Dead Dog!

I hadn't writen this before and I've was meaning to. Last Friday there was a dead dog on the corner where the bus stop is at. I think a car had hitten it because it's guts where everywhere!! AND IT'S STOMACH WAS OPEN! *pukes* Ugh!! It was just horrible and it smelled really bad!! ::dies:: Anyway, I've downloaded a couple of songs lately, and I updated my sites! I got some buttons from Dreamweaver, and it wouldn't let me target them so I had to save each one of them, which made them lose the cool effect they had. That was just something I had to, but it still looks neat. I took some screenshots of one of the DBGT eps I was watching. I thought they were enough. I took about ten, heehee. Oh well. This stupid messenger doesn't want to connect!! STUPID AIM! Ugh.. x_x This internet connection sucks.. Blah.. I'm out now, Buh Byez! BTW, Do you like the new look? Heh, I Do!
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